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+ Sizes and Capacities

We offer a wide variety of capacities, sizes, colors, textures, materials, holes and caps, as well as the advice of our consultants for you to define the characteristics of the tube, to meet the requirements of your product.


+ Tubes

The plastic tube has proved to be the perfect package.

The plastic squeezable tube is proved to be the ideal package for the following features:
- It is an easy way to maintain fashionable and attractive graphics.
- It is an ideal way to contain and dispense a wide variety of products.
- It is durable, unbreakable and recyclable.
- It is attractive on its cover on shelves and outlets.
- It maintains original appearance even after use.
- We have a great variety of screw and flip top caps to satisfy your needs.

Let us recommend the best combination of sizes, materials, finishes and caps for your products.


+ Types of Tubes

We have developed the technology to reuse materials, while maintaining the same level of quality that has always been our characteristic.
In La Cazadora we are able to produce biodegradable tubes that will decompose in 5 to 10 years

type of tubes
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