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La Cazadora—A Plastic Squeezable Tube Manufacturer Offering Distinct Advantages

Feb 28

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Plastic containers come in an array of innovative packaging solutions and are suitable for multiple applications. From pharmaceutical to beauty products, and more, the possibilities are endless.

When designing a plastic container for your product, you need to make a careful selection of the plastic squeezable tube manufacturer. While price and turnaround times are certainly important considerations, you should compare possible vendors based on the additional benefits they offer. You can count on us for 30-day delivery timelines.

La Cazadora is an established plastic container manufacturer of choice across multiple industries. Our plastic squeezable tubes as well as other plastic container products stand out for their distinctive quality features. We are certified ISO 9001, BRC IOP Packaging and as a GMI (Graphic Measures International) Printer.

Excellent Design Capabilities and Innovation Stand Behind Our Plastic Tubes<

  • Superior Product Protection – Plastic containers offer a layer of protection that may increase your product’s shelf life. Perfume and potency loss is minimized through multiple layers of plastic. To prevent UV degradation, UV inhibitors can be also be added.
  • Better Appeal for Customers – With the ability to create multiple colors, finishes and printing options, our products make a bigger impact on the shelf and allow for greater brand differentiation. We can further enhance the appeal of your products with various cap designs. If you need specialty packaging design, we have silk screen printing capabilities available in-house.
  • Durability – Unlike glass or other plastic containers, plastic squeeze tubes retain their shape, are more durable when dropped and withstand possible damage during transportation.
  • User-Friendly – Customers do not have to deal with screw caps. Instead, just pop the top and squeeze. It is easier to get an accurate dose of the product as well, which means customers can enjoy their products longer while minimizing waste.
  • Cap Options – Caps can be customized around the needs of your product. Whether you want a smooth or ribbed cap, flip top or snap-on, etc., there are plenty of options La Cazadora can deliver. Caps are manufactured in-house and we also do high quality hot stamping.

Call +52 (55) 5999 6500 to select a plastic squeezable tube manufacturer that delivers innovative products with endless benefits. Please contact us online today with any questions.

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