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Plastic Squeezable Tubes: An Innovative and Cost-Effective Way to Showcase Your Products

Aug 19

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Attractively designed, high quality plastic squeezable tubes offer manufacturers an innovative and cost-effective way to market their merchandise. Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, household wares; whatever your product may be; it is hard to find a solution that beats the display, storage and transportation advantages of plastic tubing. Moreover, thanks to technological advances in the plastic tubing industry, there is no limit to the type of products these tubes can be used for.

If you are looking to enhance your brand visibility and bottom line, plastic tubes have been known to deliver the best bang for your buck.

Print to the shoulder technology.
La Cazadora is being able to print all the way down to the shoulder of the tube making it more aesthetic

Let us look at the 5 key advantages of using plastic squeezable tubes:

Creative packaging and displays to boost your visibility: 
You do not always need to spend tons of money on product launches or promotional displays to attract customers. With a little bit of smart thinking, your product packaging can help you display the merchandise in eye-catching ways while trimming your customer acquisition costs significantly. Creative use of color and graphics for cosmetic packaging supplies, for instance, allow your products to boldly speak for themselves. You can also use your imagination for offbeat arrangements that will draw attention to your product. Moreover, there are filling, sealing, and secondary packaging options offering additional support to help make any product launch a successful one.

Versatile usage, with options for all types of products: 
Thanks to continual innovation in the plastic tubing industry, today’s tubing options are as varied as the products they hold. From time-sensitive and-climate-sensitive food and pharmaceutical items to cosmetics that need extra protection, you can use plastic squeezable tubes to house almost any type of merchandise. Simply talk to your plastic tube manufacturer about your options. Leading companies like La Cazadora offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Simplifies transportation and storage: 
There is little doubt that plastic containers with lids are easier to transport and store. You rarely have to worry about breakage or product integrity being compromised (if you use good quality tubes) during transportation, warehousing or on the shelf. You will enjoy significant cost-savings and avoid inventory delays. Overall, this will improve customer satisfaction levels and therefore, your profitability.

Easy handling for customers: 
Market research indicates that end users definitelyprefer plastic tubes to bottles, boxes or any other types of packaging. They are easy to use and handle as well as to store, especially when it comes to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food items which are used more frequently, often on a daily basis.

Streamlines production cost: 
Switching to plastic cosmetic containers and squeezable tubes can help trim your operational costs and go-to-market times significantly. Moreover, many plastic tube manufacturers have opted for eco-friendly manufacturing and printing techniques which are lighter on the environment as well as your budget.

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