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Plastic Tubes Take Your Food Products Further

Sep 15

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9/15/2015 3:55 PM  RssIcon

The food industry has unique demands. They must deliver high-quality, wholesome products while not driving food costs sky high. One of the best ways to do so is through packaging - more specifically, plastic tube printing. Plastic tubes allow food manufacturers to deliver great-tasting products to their consumers, while reducing costs.

Is Plastic Tube Packaging Right for Your Food Product?

Plastic tubing is not just for cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. In fact, food manufacturers can benefit from plastic tubes for their products.

  • Multiple Uses - Plastic tubing can hold a variety of food products. From specialty herb pastes that are ready-to-squeeze into a recipe, to condiments, there is no limit to the possibilities. In fact, plastic squeeze bottles could be used in place of traditional glass or plastic bottles with screw top lids and hold a variety of different food products.
  • Ease of Use - Squeeze tubes are easier to use than glass or other screw-top products. Instead of a consumer having to struggle with getting the product out, they simply pop the top and squeeze. Squeeze plastic tubes also put the consumer in control of how much product they want to dispense, thus limiting waste.
  • Less Exposure - Plastic tube packaging can limit how much air enters the product, which preserves taste and texture.
  • Multiple Design Options - A plastic tube container can be designed around the uniqueness of the food product it must contain. From a viewing window so that consumers can see inside the tube to unique label designs and custom colors, a food manufacturer can customize their tubing to their brand. La Cazadora is certified ISO 9001, BRC IOP Packaging and as a GMI (Graphic Measures International) Printer. Caps are manufactured in-house as part of our plastic squeeze tubes too. We also do high quality hot stamping and silkscreen printing.
  • Food manufacturers must adhere to strict food safety regulations. Therefore, if you are in the market for plastic tubes for your edible products, you need a company that can conform to those stringent quality standards and deliver food-grade plastics safe for consumption.

    La Cazadora is the leader in plastic tube printing and packaging solutions. Call us today to learn more about how our products can benefit your food production business or ask a question online. We offer a unique, 30-day turnaround time for the fastest deliveries.

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