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How Plastic Tubing Industries Protect Your Delicate Pharmaceutical Formulas

Jul 23

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Today’s consumer looks for convenience but is always expecting top quality. That is why more pharmaceutical companies are looking to plastic tubing industries to protect their products while offering an easier way to dispense.

Pharmaceutical products are sensitive to UV rays, air and moisture. The smallest level of exposure could dramatically change the formula of a product, leaving it less effective than advertised. To resolve this problem, pharmaceutical manufacturers are using plastic tubes to store their products. Plastic tubes eliminate the need for more preservatives and chemicals, while still maintaining the integrity of the product.

Benefits of Plastic Tubing for Pharmaceuticals

  • Advanced Technology - Pharmaceutical manufacturers worried about preserving the integrity of their products rely on us for high quality plastic tubing and caps manufactured in-house at La Cazadora. We have world-class technology and equipment to deliver the best products within an incredible, 30-day timeline.
  • Affordable Manufacturing - Compared to piston pumps and other packaging methods, plastic tubing is more cost-effective. Tubes also use less plastic; and when there is less product used, the cost is always cheaper.
  • Eco Friendly - Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment. For a pharmaceutical company to stand out, they must offer eco-friendly options that are effective, but safe for the environment. Plastic tubing uses less materials compared to other pharmaceutical packaging, making them more eco-friendly.
  • Easier to Use - Tubes, whether they are dispensing a cream or gel, are easier to use. Consumers are not splashed with a product, do not over dispense and the products are easier to use by people of all ages.
  • Patient Compliance - Application instructions are often ignored by patients. Plastic tubing, however, makes it easier for a patient to dispense the proper amount of a prescription product, thus ensuring better results and higher levels of compliance.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers must be cautious about their products. Therefore, they need a company within the plastic tubing industry that is compliant and delivers high-quality products. La Cazadora has competitive pricing, but also uses the latest quality control systems and certifications to ensure our products are consistently good. We are certified ISO 9001, BRC IOP Packaging and as a GMI (Graphic Measures International) Printer.

Call La Cazadora today to learn more about our plastic tubing for pharmaceutical products. Contact a sales representative at +52 (55) 5999 6500 or ask a question online.

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