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The Benefits of Using Tubes for Cosmetic Containers

Jun 16

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The cosmetics industry has seen a dramatic increase in demand for specialty cosmetic products - from makeup with sunscreen to anti-aging to hair removal. It’s not just the women who are buying these products; now there are more male buyers too. As a manufacturer of cosmetics, you need containers that are attractive, but still protect the integrity of your product. You also need to keep your products at a lower price, so that consumers are more apt to try them.

Plastic squeeze tubes are quickly becoming the packaging choice for cosmetic containers. They are versatile, attractive and meet the demands of this growing industry.

Why Tubes are the Perfect Solution for Your Cosmetic Containers

  • Affordable - Today’s consumer is more conscious about how they spend and what they spend their money on. You can keep your packaging costs down with plastic squeeze tubes. Fancier cosmetic containers, like glass, are extremely costly and require you to charge more for your products. Plastic tubes, on the other hand, use state-of-the-art technology that still provides you with an attractive container for a fraction of the cost.
  • Versatile - Plastic tubes are more versatile than glass or traditional plastic jars. They can be designed to hold a small sample of your product or a larger quantity for shampoo or sunscreen. The openings can be adjusted as well to accommodate the viscosity of the product, allowing you to store everything from thick creams to astringent toners and even cosmetic foundations.
  • Eco-Friendly - Glass containers and heavy plastic jars are not eco-friendly. Small cosmetic containers made from plastic tubes do not waste plastic, they are recyclable, and manufacturers of these products strive for “greener” processes to limit their footprint on the environment.
  • Shelf-Stable and Transportable - Unlike specialty glass containers for cosmetics, plastic tubes are less fragile, take up less space, and are easier to transport. While they are easy to ship, they are still stable and ensure that the quality of your product is never compromised.
  • Easy to Use - Instead of jars that must be unscrewed, tight lids that must be popped or corks that must be removed, plastic squeeze tubes are convenient and easy. Consumers simply pop the top and squeeze out the desired amount of product, which also limits product waste. At La Cazadora, our caps are manufactured in-house. We also do high quality hot stamping and silk screen printing.

Learn more about how plastic squeeze tubes are the ideal cosmetic containers for your products by contacting La Cazadora. Call a sales representative at +52 (55) 5999 6500 or ask a question online.

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