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Why Use Squeeze Tubes for Your Packaging?

May 6

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5/6/2015 9:31 AM  RssIcon

There are some manufacturers of consumer products that use plastic squeeze tubes for packaging. But, some manufacturers hold back on the use of plastic squeeze tubes. Whether it is because they fear they are not versatile enough or they think they are more expensive, most of these apprehensions are unnecessary.

Reasons to Use Plastic Squeeze Tubes for Packaging Your Products

  1. Suitable for all Product Thicknesses / Densities - Many manufacturers avoid plastic squeeze tubes for their packaging solutions simply because they think tubes are only suitable for thick creams and substances. While traditionally squeeze tubes were used for toothpaste and thick creams, they are much more versatile today. The opening of a tube can be adjusted to the viscosity of the liquid, allowing them to accommodate liquids and products of various thicknesses and densities.
  2. Multiple Industry Capable - Squeeze tubes are one of the most versatile products for packaging. They are multi-industry capable - crossing between food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical with ease.
  3. Attractive to Consumers - Some manufacturers feel plastic squeeze tubes are unattractive compared to other packaging solutions. But, this is often because they are comparing subpar products. Squeeze tubes, when manufactured right, can be printed, tinted and designed to attract consumers.
  4. Cost Effective - The cost of plastic squeeze tubes is comparable to other forms of packaging, especially if a company chooses to fill their products in-house. With the decreasing costs of plastic tube-filling machines, companies can save even more.

La Cazadora is the leading manufacturer of plastic squeeze tubes. We offer a variety of printing methods and finishes, including high quality silk screen printing, colors, quick lead times (within a month), and competitive pricing. This makes our tubes ideal for packaging your product. As a ISO 9001, BRC IOP Packaging Certified company and GMI (Graphic Measures International) Printer, you can trust in the quality of our products and services. We have world-class installations of equipment delivering exactly what you need—on time and on budget.

If you have been avoiding plastic squeeze tubes for your packaging, it is time to give La Cazadora a try. Call +52 (55) 5999 6500 to learn more about our squeeze tube products or ask a question online . We have a range of packaging solutions and packaging supplies so you can choose the ones best suited to your products.

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